Copper Range Hoods

Finials, Copper Spires, and Copper Roof Caps for Turrets are finishing touches of timeless elegance are hand crafted of copper and brass. When using copper finials they bring a subtle but effective accent that is desired worldwide. Soften the transition between architecture and sky by placing finials on cupolas, gazebos, turrets, towers and gables.

​Use them creatively to adorn cabanas, pergolas, and garnish gardens and landscapes. Use them as stand alone's, or in numbers for a greater effect.  If you desire a different design than shown, TnT Copper can to create custom or historical reproductions of Finials. 

We custom design copper chimney caps to fit
your chimney and style of home. Our chimney caps are custom designed to fit any flue style and size.

 Most homeowners realize that roof ventilation is an important part of keeping heating and cooling costs down while preventing structural damage to the home. One option that is often overlooked is that of copper roof vents, which are not only attractive but functional and durable as well.

These Copper Accents will help to maximize ventilation in your home while providing a certain touch of Old World decor. We offer a variety of roof ridge vents styles and sizes to choose from. Every one of our copper products is hand crafted and made especially for the purpose of adding a distinct charm to your home.

Copper Finials

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Some of the most common locations that our coppersmith Mr. Nimtz travels to for his custom work are located below:

Breckenridge, CO; Jackson Hole, WY;  Sun Valley, ID; Taos, New Mexico; Couer D' Alene, ID' Sandpoint, ID; Telluride, CO; Denver, CO; Aspen. CO; Crested Butte, CO; Vail / Beaver Creek, CO; South Lake Tahoe, CA; Flagstaff, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Sedona, AZ; Montecito, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Boulder, CO; Castle Rock, CO; Durango, CO; Grand Junction, CO; Silverton, CO; Park City, UT; Huntsville / Eden, UT; Ketchum, ID; Kalispell, MT; Los Alamos, NM; Steamboat Springs, CO; Henderson, NV; Las Vegas, NV; Brentwood, CA; Hollywood, CA; Carmel, CA; Napa, CA; Orange County, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Beverly Hills, CA; Monterrey, CA; Palm Springs, CA.

As well as the following states:

California, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Georgia, Alabama, New Orleans, Louisiana, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Delaware, Rhode Island, Florida, Mississippi.

*** It can be arranged for our copper fabricator to travel to any location for his custom copper fabrication. 

 Quality Copper Fabrication & Installation.Installed at your home or building site in all regions of USA, Canada and Mexico.
We also specialize in shipping  our pieces anywhere in the world. 

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Benefits of copper roof vents:

    * Vents are one of the most important parts of roofing, ensuring the longest possible lifespan for your roof

   * Copper roof vents can be installed in any style of roof, whether it is slate, clay tile, or fiberglass

If you are seeking a beautiful way to address your ventilation needs that will not add to your homeowner maintenance load, then copper roof vents are the perfect addition. Once installed, your vents will require very little upkeep while keeping the air moving, preventing rot or mold, and extending the life of your roof.

Our custom copper hoods are our most popular one of a kind creation. They are fabricated by hand using generations of skilled craftsmen. Our constant communication with the individual customer is paramount in designing toward your specific needs. Copper is a highly workable material and based on our professional experience using it, we can provide your preferred look by manipulating the natural aging process to achieve the desired patina.

Along with counter tops and back splashes, our coppersmith Tim Nimtz is able to pattern your copper range hood finish to any desired texture or appearance.

Custom copper cupolas are handmade
at our TnT Copper shop and are designed to withstand any elements; in addition, they require zero maintenance from you. Our cupolas are the most durable and substantial cupolas available on the market today. Our custom designed cupola styles and designs are one of a kind. We offer you the freedom of
choice with dozens of cupola styles and cupola designs or custom designs to fit your needs. 

Our cupolas are usually delivered in three separate components: roof, middle, and base, allowing for easier installation. Cupolas were typically used for venting barns, but over the years have evolved and are more of a decorative enhancement for the shed, garage, barn, or home. Cupolas now feature windows or louvers or both. We have a cupola style for everyone!

Copper Roof Vents & Chimney Caps

Copper Cupolas

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